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These petal lifters first came about to address a problem I was having with the commercially available version know as a pro-petal. I was always frustrated with the mark that they would leave on my projects. I was also frustrated when carving smaller patterns. The stock lifters were simply too large. I've been asked "why not just use an undercut beveler?" While there are times when this is the best tool for the job, a lifter can work in areas that undercut bevelers simply cannot go. They can lift leaves or flowers that are sitting on top of another leaf or flower without damaging or mashing down the bottom layer of the design. (See the photo above)

Made from high quality tool steel, hardened and tempered, these tools are meticulously ground and polished to make petal lifting almost effortless. The heel of the tool has been rounded to help prevent it from making a mark on the leather. Available in sizes 0,1,2,3 and 4. The Rosewood graver style handles feature a flat face which is aligned with the bottom face of the tool. This helps to provide maximum clearance when inserting the tip into the leather. It has an added benefit of keeping the tool from rolling around your bench. The petal lifters are $30.00 each for sizes 0-3 and $35.00 for size 4. Buy the complete set of four for $115.00. or the set of all five for $145.00. Domestic Shipping is $6.00

Petal Lifters

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